We provide pet grooming on all breeds of dogs and cats from start to finish. Feel at ease that your pet is being groomed in a calm individual environment by a professional pet stylist.


Why dogs benefit from grooming

Your pet’s grooming is essential for optimal health and good looks! Bathing loosens dirt, dandruff,loose dead hair and is beneficial for all dog breeds. Regular brushing also helps to bring out the natural oils in your dog’s fur. Breeds that require regular grooming for hair maintenance include Golden Retriever, Siberian Husky, German Shepherds, Pugs, etc.

De-shedding baths maximize the removal of dead hair that normally sheds out over a period of months in just one session, which is very noticeable around the house. However some breeds need much more attention. These are the dogs that have continuous growing fur. Some of these breeds that require a regular schedule of clipping are the Poodle, Golden Doodle, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, etc. If grooming is neglected these dogs may experience extreme matting or even pelting causing severe skin irritations; and is very painful.

Furthermore regular grooming sessions are often where injuries, skin and ear infections as well as parasites are discovered when your groomer assesses your pet’s coat condition, cleans ears, teeth and trims nails. By having a professional pet stylist groom your pet you can be assured that the attention to your pet will contribute significantly to their overall sense of wellbeing and appearance.



Why cats benefit from grooming

Cats have a naturally oily coat that can spread, making them very greasy. Many cat’s coats will become matted especially if they have longer hair. The hair that sheds often gets stuck in the coat resulting in matting. In severe cases the coat will become pelted which is a matt that covers almost the whole body. This is very painful and pulls at the skin and causes skin irritations. The pelt must be shaved off in order to remove it and should be done carefully by a professional groomer.

A full cat groom consists of nail trimming, a thorough bath to remove grease, dandruff, dirt, etc., drying, brush out and ear cleaning.

Additional services include dematting, pelt removal, sanitary trim, belly shave, lion cuts, etc.

A Lion Cut is given in situations where a cat is badly matted and needs to be shaved. Other reasons are for maintenance for shedding, allergies etc.

Regular grooming not only keeps your pet looking it’s best but also important for it’s health and well-being.